Eric Nee

Eric Nee is the managing editor of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


Mission-Driven Business

By Eric Nee

Increased cross-sector collaboration has allowed businesses to use the power of capitalism to solve social problems—an introduction to the fall 2014 issue.

Nonprofits & NGOs

A New Look

By Eric Nee 2

Stanford Social Innovation Review has a new look that is bolder, more energetic, and more contemporary, reflecting today's social change movement.


Smile Grenada

By Eric Nee

NYU's College of Dentristy partnered with the government of the Caribbean island nation of Grenada to fight tooth decay among children.


Focus on Health

By Eric Nee

Critics of Obamacare have taken away attention from important aspects of the act, such as its focus on keeping people healthy.

Manish Bapna - Thumbnail

Manish Bapna

By Eric Nee

Manish Bapna, managing director of World Resources Institute, is helping China manage its environmental problems.