From solar shingles to locally implemented environmental waste collection, companies are creating products and corporate infrastructures that are about more than just profit. Aron Cramer, an advisor on corporate responsibility, points out several benefits in the revolution in this open-call conversation. He explains the need to bridge the gap between businesses for profit and nonprofit organizations, and how any working combination of the two would bring about social change, environmental improvements, and technological innovations.

This open phone call challenges the stereotypes of business and philanthropy, as well the degree of separation between the two sectors. Cramer explains that a synthesis between the two, with an emphasis on the results-based movement of corporations and the socially-based goals of nonprofit organizations, would create investment in small businesses and corporate-social responsibility.

Impact investing, social entrepreneurs, and locally-based businesses are part of a newly growing trend that supports local and international social goals, environmental awareness, and minimization of poverty. This trend, Aron Cramer proves through several examples and in answers to callers’ question, is making the world better, and will continue to improve environmental and social standards as businesses and non-profits continue to merge and cooperate.