In his 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute talk, Kenyon addresses how organizations need to take advantage of the growing intersection between mobile technology and nonprofits. In a digital age that is increasingly personalized, nonprofits should understand how best to utilize mobile devices without invading supporter privacy. Kenyon argues that nonprofits must base social media effectiveness on listening: What content is popular on social media? What is the community interested in hearing about? How can nonprofits use non-voice mobile technology to their advantage? Kenyon presents strategies for answering these questions and using technology to improve nonprofit outreach.

John Kenyon (@jakenyon) is the Principal at Kenyon Consulting, and is a technology educator and strategist who’s advised nonprofits for more than 20 years. He educates nonprofits about using technology strategically through his consulting, as well as through teaching seminars and writing articles, knowing that they can help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently. Kenyon authored the chapter “Effective Online Communications” in the book Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission. With Beth Kanter, he helped craft curriculum for and present the “We Are Media” social media training for nonprofits, and frequently speaks on social media topics. Kenyon is a member of the Executive Consultants Select Group at the Alliance for Children & Families, and is also an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco. Kenyon has been a featured speaker across the US, England, Australia, and online.