Helmut Anheier & Diana Leat
President & Dean Hertie School of Governance

Strategic philanthropy requires one to suspend rationality and passionately pursue a goal that might seem unattainable.

Phil Buchanan
President Center for Effective Philanthropy

The “discontent” with strategic philanthropy is actually a rejection of a particular conception of strategy that draws too much on business thinking.

Caroline Fiennes
Director Giving Evidence

Proponents of strategic philanthropy should provide practical help for donors.

Peter Frumkin
Professor & Faculty Director of the Center for Social Impact Strategy University of Pennsylvania

The debate over strategic philanthropy is part of a larger debate about how society operates—and the answer is similarly unknowable.

Mark Kramer
Founder & Managing Director FSG

Strategic philanthropy no longer needs defense from critics; it needs nuanced understanding of social change by its advocates.

Bernhard Lorentz
Visiting Scholar Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

German foundations continue to lag their American counterparts in the debate over and practice of strategic philanthropy.

Johannes Meier
CEO European Climate Foundation

The experience of the European Climate Foundation provides lessons for strategic philanthropy advocates.

Francie Ostrower
Professor University of Texas at Austin

Strategic philanthropy will always have limited appeal because many, if not most, donors give for deeply personal reasons.

Rob Reich
Professor & Faculty Co-Director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Stanford University

Rather than being goal-agnostic, strategic philanthropy can and should embrace goal-setting as an integral part of the process.

Bruce Sievers
Visiting Scholar & Lecturer at the Hass Center for Public Service Stanford University

Strategic philanthropy provides grantmakers with a false sense of certainty about the impact of their giving.

Mark Speich
Managing Director Vodafone Foundation

Strategic philanthropy may be unattractive to donors precisely because it is similar to the “strategic” approach donors used to accumulate their wealth.

Fay Twersky
Director of the Effective Philanthropy Group William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

To attract more adherents strategic philanthropy should embrace the ‘love of humanity’ that underlies the reasons that most people give.

Paul Brest
Professor Emeritus and Faculty Co-Director, of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Stanford University

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