George Overholser
Cofounder and CEO of Third Sector Capital Partners

Tracy Palandjian
Cofounder and CEO of Social Finance
Jeff Shumway
Vice president at Social Finance

Mark Hand
Venture Partner at UnLtd USA
Margo Johnson
Social Work Practitioner

It is important to include return-seeking investors and end beneficiaries in the design of Pay-For-Success programs.

Christopher Spera
Division Vice President, U.S. Health, at Abt Associates
Jeffrey Lubell
Director of Housing and Community Initiatives at Abt Associates

The lack of rigorous evidence about the effectiveness of most social programs puts constraints on how widely Pay-For-Success can be implemented

Mark T. Fliegauf
Fellow in Innovative Government at the Berlin-based think tank stiftung neue verantwortung

The important payoff of pay-for-success is that it will encourage governments to spend more money—more wisely—on social programs.

V. Kasturi Rangan
Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School
Lisa A. Chase
Head writer and editor at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Last Word: V. Kasturi Rangan and Lisa A. Chase respond to the eight people who commented on their article examining the pay-for-success model.