The New Economy of Nature

Gretchen C. Daily & Katherine Ellison

Hardcover: 260 pages, Island Press/ Shearwater Books (2002), $17.50

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The New Economy of Nature
Gretchen C. Daily and Katherine Ellison
260 pages (Island Press/Shearwater Books, 2002)

Stanford ecologist Gretchen Daily and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Ellison describe a new approach to environmental conservation that takes market realities into account, rather than relying upon philanthropy and altruism. Through engaging examples from New York City’s investment in conservation of wetlands and streamside habitat in the Catskills to orange juice companies footing the bill for ecological protection in Costa Rica, you’ll meet entrepreneurs who are overcoming the challenges of making conservation profitable. Whether it’s in pollination, waste processing, carbon sequestration, or water filtration, entrepreneurs are finding ways to market nature’s services while providing people with incentives to conserve intact ecosystems. Although the efforts described have not all been successful, the book demonstrates how pioneering entrepreneurs are finding opportunities to make money while helping communities preserve the environment.