Christine Letts
Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in the Practice of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Harvard Kennedy School

Traditional strategic philanthropy doesn't always work for what the authors call "simple" or "complicated" problems.

Kenneth Prewitt
Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, Director of the Scholarly Knowledge Project Columbia University

Foundation history is littered with examples of refashioning grant strategies when unexpected events occur.

Darren Walker
President Ford Foundation

Strategic philanthropy too often minimizes or ignores complexity because it is difficult to understand and predict.

Mark Speich
CEO Vodafone Foundation

Philanthropy that doesn't provide for the uncertainties of human conduct is usually doomed to fail.

Zia Khan
Vice President for Initiatives and Strategy Rockefeller Foundation

A strategy for a complex problem should be seen as a framework for action, learning, and continual improvement.

Katherine Fulton
President Monitor Institute

Strategic philanthropy is smart but not wise, which is why so many leaders have voiced doubts about it.

Peter Frumkin
Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program University of Pennsylvania

Whether the problem is simple, complicated, or complex, the challenge is where to set the boundaries.

Paul Brest
Emeritus Professor, Lecturer, and Faculty Co-Director Stanford Law School, Graduate School of Business, and Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

It's best to think of simple and complex problems as lying on a continuum, not on two sides of a divide.

Edward Skloot
Founder Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy, Surdna Foundation

I am concerned that the odds against getting philanthropy to change course are almost too great to overcome in any reasonable time frame.

Jodi Nelson
Director of Strategy, Measurement, and Evaluation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The new tools that the authors say philanthropists should use do not stand up under close scrutiny.

John Kania
Managing Director FSG
Mark Kramer
Co-Founder, Managing Director, Senior Fellow FSG, Harvard Kennedy School
Patty Russell
Director FSG

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