Spring 2004

Volume 1, Number 4

Corporations are in a unique position to get people to change their behavior in a more pro-social way. This approach, called corporate social marketing (CSM), has been used to entice people to prevent or mitigate fire damage to their home and community, and to conserve water. These and other examples are detailed in “Best of Breed,” by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee in the spring 2004 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review. The beauty of CSM is that it benefits the company and society.



Investing in Society

By William F. Meehan, Derek Kilmer, and Maisie O'Flanagan

Charitable donors should think of themselves as “investors” – and should expect returns, just like a stock market investor would.


The Path of Change

By Jerry Porras & Tom Vander Ark

Jerry Porras and Tom Vander Ark discuss how leadership, vision, and competition will determine the future of education.

Field Report

Case Study





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