Increasing Impact: People and Place at the Center

By Kelly Ryan 4

For impact investing to realize its true potential, we must change the mindset and narrative related to there being a “lack of pipeline” in underserved communities—rural and urban—to a perspective that people in communities create the environments in which outside investments can thrive.

Arriving at 100 Percent for Mission. Now What?

By Clara Miller

In the coming years, the Heron Foundation will emphasize “connective investing” in US communities, providing financial and other forms of capital. It will continue to seek allies and build connections with those who have muscle and capital market reach.

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Collective Impact

By John Kania & Mark Kramer 107

Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, not the isolated intervention of individual organizations.

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

By William Landes Foster, Peter Kim, & Barbara Christiansen 65

For-profit executives use business models—such as "low-cost provider"—as a shorthand way to describe the way companies are built and sustained. Nonprofit executives have not had an equivalent lexicon—until now.