Responsible and Successful Collaboration

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“The number one rule: Don’t collaborate unless you have to.” Willa Seldon, a consultant at Bridgespan, got some laughs at the 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute, but gives some pointers on successful collaboration and how to productively evaluate common goals. To support her viewpoints, she engages Stephanie Couch and Carolyn Nelson, two experienced collaborators who provide insights on their own collaborative work with communities. Nelson and Couch explain how the personal connections that community members offer lead to great outcomes. The panel highlights how creating a shared culture can bypass disagreements and cultural differences to generate results.

Willa Seldon has extensive experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit worlds. After seven years of being a director at AirTouch Communications, a multi-billion dollar wireless communications company, Seldon co-founded Milepost, a venture capital firm investing in women entrepreneurs. Seldon has since held top positions in the nonprofit sector as Executive Director of Tides Center and CEO of the Glide Foundation. She currently shares her multi-sector expertise as a consultant at The Bridgespan Group.

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  • BY Arthur Wood

    ON June 2, 2014 01:22 AM

    The bottom line is that the Not for profit world in a capital market structure invented in 1903 - the only folk who currently receives annuity income (upon which most good business models are based) are ironically the bankers who manage the core funds - the incentives for our sector in a bilateral,  bi polar paradigm are to fragmentation and a lack of scale - The solution pay by tangible auditable social ...incentvistise ICE - Innovation Collaboration and Economies of Scale scale - since the financial tools now allow us to do this -  the only question is ultimately is it the bankers or the social sector who will convene those players ? My head and experience of both sectors suspects it may be the former - my heart hopes the latter

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