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She’s Crafty - Thumbnail

She’s Crafty

By Leslie Berger 3

World of Good connects female artisans in poor countries with retailers (including Whole Foods Market, pictured) in the West.

The Mother Lode - Thumbnail

The Mother Lode

By Laura Gehl

MomsRising is tapping a vast resource to improve the lives of American families.

Baked Goods - Thumbnail

Baked Goods

By Abby Fung

Dancing Deer Bakery helps most when it keeps its eye on the bottom line.

Red and Blue Revisited

By Alana Conner

The more race- and sex-segregated the county, the more Republican it votes.

Putting Women in Their Place - Thumbnail

Putting Women in Their Place

By Alana Conner

Which woman is more likely to attract unpleasant sexual attention: the office sweetheart or the ambitious upstart? A new study by social psychologist Jennifer Berdahl points to the upstart. From her findings, Berdahl concludes that “men aren’t harassing women to get into their pants, but to put them down....”

What Women Don’t Want

By Alana Conner Snibbe

How male managers’ patronizing behavior undercuts female subordinates’ performance.