Foundations can help nonprofits fundraise at this end-of-the-year giving season by providing a stimulus for giving. Take a page from the Columbus Community Foundation, which today announced a giving stimulus plan created to match gifts to local nonprofits. The foundation aims to “raise $1 million in 48 hours.” More details here.

At a time when individuals and families are feeling the pinch or hesitating with “let’s see how things are at the end of the year,” knowing that their donations will be matched can be a powerful incentive for them to give today.

Do you know about any other stimulus initiatives? Please share them with us. Post below. We need these creative ideas to boost giving during this time, when nonprofits are asked to provide more services than before. 

image Perla Ni, founder and former publisher of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, is the founder and CEO of GreatNonprofits. She is also a co-founder of