Over the last few years we’ve grown accustomed to:

Heck, we’ll even turn loose our inner word nerds to support the World Food Programme.

But how do you know which site to use for your $50 gift?

We need a one-stop directory of these sites. Just as foundations of all kinds began organizing themselves a few decades back, it is time these online marketplaces do the same, to enhance public awareness, regulatory input, joint research, and shared interests in developments regarding technological/infrastructure/charitable law.

The “disintermediation” that the Internet promised way back in the 20th century is now an assumed part of the philanthropic landscape. I predict it will soon be building its own industry supports (infrastructure).

One thing I noticed as I compiled the bullets above is the absence of two key sectors—the arts and the environment. Scanning my memory bank, I came up blank on online giving sites/communities/intermediaries focused broadly on environmental or arts/cultural giving. Help me out; send me the sites I’m missing. Or better yet, start the directory and build the new infrastructure.

Full disclosure: I’ve worked with or know individuals involved in running the sites listed above. I’ve used some of these services but am not formally affiliated with any of them at the moment.

imageLucy Bernholz is the Founder and President of Blueprint Research & Design, Inc, a strategy consulting firm that helps philanthropic individuals and institutions achieve their missions. She is the publisher of Philanthropy2173, an award-winning blog about the business of giving, and serves as executive producer of The Giving Channel on Fora.tv.