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Prediction vs. Bias in Data: A Debate

Featuring Kristian Lum, Candace Thille, Lucy Bernholz, & Andrew Means

Is it possible to use data to make predictions without enforcing existing biases?

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Africa

Featuring Towera Jalakasi & Ned Breslin

Ned Breslin speaks with Towera Jalakasi, an innovative entrepreneur who talks about the struggles and rewards of entrepreneurship in a developing economy.

Social Responsibility Versus Slave Labor Tainted Products

Featuring Katrina Benjamin

Katrina Benjamin describes the environmental sustainability problems associated with slavery, and suggests ways that organizations can work to eliminate slavery through cooperative social responsibility.

Closing Achievement Gaps

Featuring Mike Feinberg, Howard Fuller, Kati Haycock, Rebecca Nieves Huffman, & Remington Wiley

How the civil rights and education reform movements are similar.

Jim Fruchterman - Harnessing Technology for Social Enterprise - Thumbnail

Jim Fruchterman - Harnessing Technology for Social Enterprise

Harnessing engineering innovation and technology to further social causes is one path to social enterprise. In this university podcast, sponsored by Stanford's Center for Social Innovation, former rocket scientist Jim Fruchterman talks about how he created Benetech, an organization that uses technology innovation and business expertise to solve unmet social needs. He discusses how he has leveraged the intellectual capital and resources of Silicon Valley to create solutions that are truly life changing.

Audrey Seagraves - Fair Wage Guide Software and Social Enterprise - Thumbnail

Audrey Seagraves - Fair Wage Guide Software and Social Enterprise

Audrey Seagraves has a passion for international development and social enterprise. In this audio interview with Stanford Center for Social Innovation correspondent Sheela Sethuraman, the director of programs at World of Good talks about the creation of Fair Wage Guide software, a free tool that tells the viewer how wages being paid to any artisan worldwide compare to international wage standards.

Janet Tafel - Healing Human Rights Abuses with Social Enterprise

Hagar was the biblical woman who became the victim of neglect and violence when she was cast out of the fold of Abraham and Sarah. In Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, thousands of "Hagars" and their children suffer poverty, trafficking, and other human rights abuses. Janet Tafel, who was invited by the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford, discusses how her organization, Hagar USA, helps individuals restore their lives through holistic healing, community integration, and social entrepreneurship.

Siddharth Kara - Inside the Business of Modern Sex Slavery

A woman or child is trafficked for sexual exploitation every 60 seconds. In this audio lecture recorded at Stanford University, author Siddharth Kara, a former investment banker and executive, uses theoretical economics and business analysis to propose measures that could eradicate sex trafficking by undermining the profitability of the illegal activities associated with the crime.