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We Are the Possible: Meet Lindsey McDougle

By Rosetta Thurman

An interview with Lindsey McDougle, a doctoral student at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Leadership Studies with a specialization in Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies.

Social Innovations

No Profit for Her

By Alana Conner

Research shows that men may be more effective than woman at utilizing microfinance investments.

Global Issues

Starting Up Women

By Alana Conner

Successful entrepreneurs show characteristics of both men and women.

Lobbying for Good - Thumbnail

Lobbying for Good

By Kyle Peterson & Marc Pfitzer 1

In their efforts to be socially responsible, most companies fail to wield their most powerful tool: lobbying. Yet corporations such as Mary Kay, Royal Dutch Shell, and General Motors are increasingly leveraging their deep pockets, government contacts, and persuasive powers for the cause of good. Not all kinds of socially responsible lobbying are created equal, however. The authors discuss which forms are best for companies and society.

LivingGoods Calling - Thumbnail
Social Innovations

LivingGoods Calling

By Jennifer Roberts 3

LivingGoods sends its version of Avon ladies—white-uniformed "health promoters"—knocking on doors in hundreds of Ugandan communities.

A Soldier’s Life for Her - Thumbnail

A Soldier’s Life for Her

By Alana Conner

The military's better than civilian life, say minorities and women such as Marine Corps Capt. Elizabeth Okoreeh-Baah, the first woman to pilot the V-22 Osprey.

She’s Crafty - Thumbnail

She’s Crafty

By Leslie Berger 3

World of Good connects female artisans in poor countries with retailers (including Whole Foods Market, pictured) in the West.

The Mother Lode - Thumbnail

The Mother Lode

By Laura Gehl

MomsRising is tapping a vast resource to improve the lives of American families.