This webinar will explore:

  • Why inclusion is vital to grantee success
  • Barriers to open, honest relationships between nonprofits and funders
  • Tools, tips, and tactics to develop fruitful partnerships
  • How authentic relationships bring greater impact

As a grantmaker, are you struggling to inform strategy, co-create programs, or take part in decision-making with your grantees?

As a nonprofit, do you feel you can be open and honest with your funders, or do you downplay challenges in order to avoid potential funding cuts?

Building authentic relationships between funders and nonprofits takes time and hard work, but there is no better way to achieve maximum impact within the communities we serve. Join this Stanford Social Innovation Review-hosted webinar “Building Healthy Funder-Grantee Relationships” to learn how funders and nonprofits can create better relationships in order to make real and lasting change in people’s lives.

Price for this webinar: $55. This price includes access to the live webinar; unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months at your convenience; and downloadable slides.


  • Senior Program Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation
  • Executive Director, Rainier Valley Corps
  • Vice President, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • Moderator
    Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
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