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Organizational Development

Listen Up! How Feedback Can Accelerate Nonprofit Growth and Impact

The Power of Feedback
The Power of Feedback
In this multimedia series, sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, voices from the social sector will offer tactics, tools, and advice gleaned from the grassroots to encourage nonprofits and foundations to make listening to their constituents—and acting on what they hear—a smart norm for any organization committed to improvement.

This complimentary SSIR Live! program will explore:             

  • The importance of listening to and acting upon feedback from the people your organization serves
  • How your organization can accelerate growth, customer satisfaction, and impact through gathering user feedback and prioritizing this critical source of insight
  • Practical examples of how feedback data can lead to innovation, cost effectiveness, and improvements in constituent experience
  • Best practices, tips, and tools to collect feedback systemically from your clients, customers, and/or program participants

A growing chorus of social sector players are advocating for a greater emphasis on “listening”—engaging customers or beneficiaries to better identify areas for improvement in programs or services. Gathering feedback not only provides a valuable stream of insight on program effectiveness, but also gives dignity and respect to constituents. Many feedback tools can be introduced to an organization’s existing measurement processes with nominal effort and minimal cost, making it not only the right thing to do, but also smart and feasibile to add to your organization’s program evaluation operations.


In this SSIR Live! program—part of our online series “The Power of Feedback” — Kathy Reich, director of the Ford Foundation’s BUILD initiative, will explore how organizations can accomplish more when they listen to and act upon input from the people they serve. Reich, with Dr. Susannah L. Rose, scientific director of research in the Office of Patient Experience at Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, Christopher Watler, executive director of Center for Employment Opportunities New York, and Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, will share their experiences and insights on how gathering feedback is the right, smart, and feasible thing to do to help organizations improve.


Program Features:

  Expert Speakers:
Kathy Reich is the director of Ford Foundation’s BUILD initiative. She guides Ford’s efforts to implement sector-leading approaches to supporting the vitality and effectiveness of institutions and networks that serve as pillars of broader social movements. Phil Buchanan is the president of CEP, the Center for Effective Philanthropy. He is a passionate advocate for the importance of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, and deeply committed to the cause of helping foundations and individual donors to maximize their impact. Dr. Susannah Rose is the scientific director of research in the Office of Patient Experience at Cleveland Clinic. The Office of Patient Experience leads initiatives to improve the patient experience across Cleveland Clinic Health Systems. Christopher Watler is the executive director of Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) New York State, the State’s largest workforce program for returning citizens.

  Interactive Session:
This webinar will be conducted as a lively, interactive program. You’re encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the session to explore the topic further. You are also welcome to join the LinkedIn group where presenters will answer additional questions after the broadcast.

  Real-world Examples:
Our expert panelists will share innovative examples of how incorporating feedback from the people they serve has transformed their organizations’ effectiveness and customer experience. Join us for this thought-provoking conversation about how giving and receiving feedback can open up new possibilities for growth and impact.

Who Should Attend?
This SSIR Live! program is valuable for all leaders, including board members, and program officers for nonprofits and funders, who can incorporate feedback into measurement. Participants will finish this program with a better understanding of why collecting feedback is the right, smart, and feasible thing to do. 

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  • BUILD Director,
    Ford Foundation
  • President,
    The Center for Effective Philanthropy
  • Scientific Director of Research,
    Office of Patient Experience,
    Cleveland Clinic
  • Executive Director,
    Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) New York
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review