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Opportunities for a Fresh Start on Race

Featuring Trabian Shorters

Trabian Shorters of BMe Community explains why, if you really want to make a positive impact, it’s important to focus on the positive assets rather than the deficiencies of the people you want to serve.

Social Enterprise through Digital Design

Featuring Carl Bass 2

In this audio lecture, Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, discusses at Social Innovation Summit 2013 the application of design to solve social problems.

Jocelyn Wyatt, social innovation lead at IDEO,on social innovation

Design Thinking for Social Inclusion

Featuring Jocelyn Wyatt

Jocelyn Wyatt, social innovation lead at IDEO, describes her organization’s efforts to use design thinking, a problem-solving system that is grounded in a client’s or costumer’s needs.

Applying Design Thinking to Healthcare

Featuring Joel Sadler

CEO Joel Sadler about the company’s initial product,an artificial knee joint that is dramatically changing the lives of amputees in developing countries

Can Defaults Save Lives

Featuring Eric Johnson

How can defaults help you save money, save the environment, and save lives?

Jennifer Aaker - The Dragonfly Effect and Social Enterprise

How can you leverage the power of design thinking and psychological research with practical tools and strategies to get your social enterprise off the ground? In this university podcast, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, Stanford Graduate School of Business marketing professor Jennifer Aaker introduces the "dragonfly effect" model to illustrate how technology can be used to support business and social missions.

Amory Lovins - Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Part 2

Well-designed buildings not only conserve energy and reduce costs but also create conditions for better health and wellness. In this audio lecture, Amory Lovins uses several examples to show how the right mix of materials, resources, and expertise can create structures that celebrate living.

Amory Lovins - Energy Efficient Design For Buildings - Part 1

Buildings represent an ideal opportunity for reducing energy use through clever design. In this audio lecture, Amory Lovins explores the many possibilities that building design offers us to "think outside of the box" in order to save energy. He shares numerous examples of effective design and even a few cases where smart energy design actually costs less to build, not more.

William McDonough - Environmental Sustainability and Green Design

When it comes to environmental sustainability, William McDonough is nothing less than a hero for the planet. In this audio lecture, he discusses how he has designed eco-friendly buildings with unique properties, such as the ability to produce oxygen. He urges his audience of Stanford Graduate School of Business students to set goals not toward an efficient bottom line of doing the wrong thing less badly, but rather toward the effective top line of doing the right thing.

Don Gould - Pure Water 4 All

When people ask Don Gould how he knows that his product works, he answers: "Because babies stop dying." As part of a social enterprise consortium, Gould, who is both a product designer and ceramicist, helped to design and deploy simple, effective water filtration devices to the developing world. In this audio interview, he talks with Globeshakers host Tim Zak about both the traditional production techniques and the new economy models for collaboration.