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Getting Local: Collaborating With Communities of Color

Featuring Darnell Moore, Coya White Hat-Artichoker, Mauricio Lim Miller & Fresco Steez

Leaders working on issues including public health, human rights, and economic development discuss how nonprofits can do better by treating the people they’re trying to help as partners, not patients.

Thriving in an Age of Volatility

Featuring Andrew Zolli

In times of profound turmoil, how can organizations become more resilient and adaptive? A talk from our 2015 Nonprofit Management Institute.

Practice Safe Stats! A PSA

Featuring Jake Porway 1

Listen to Jake Porway, founder and executive director of DataKind, talk about how to “practice safe stats”—that is, how to create data visualizations that are both accurate and inspiring.

Ending the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

Featuring Ann Goggins Gregory & Don Howard

Why are so many nonprofits in a perpetual starvation cycle? How capacity building and systems are crucial nonprofit building points.

Beth Kanter - Using Social Media for Nonprofit Management

It wasn't long ago that people looked askance at blogs and Facebook, wondering: What's the point? Now such social media tools are being used in nonprofit management and beyond to help social causes. In this brief audio interview, nonprofit consultant Beth Kanter talks about how such tools can be used effectively to create social change.