This podcast, given by Chris Librie - the Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at HP, describes the corporation’s commitment to social responsibility. Since its inception, Hewlett-Packard has embraced the goals of both innovating great new technologies, and applying those technologies in ways that improve the lives and livelihoods of the larger world. In order to do this, HP has developed a holistic approach to social problem solving. This method looks at three main components of sustainability: human impact, environmental impact, and economic impact. After analyzing these sectors of influence, HP aims to address all three legs with its solutions. Throughout the podcast, Chris Librie gives examples of the impact HP has had on the global social sector - from combating HIV/AIDS in Africa, to targeting more efficient methods of meeting exponentially rising data demands. Chris portrays his excitement for the future of social innovation and inspires listeners to be a part of the larger social movements around them.

As Senior Director – Sustainability Programs, Chris Librie is responsible for leveraging and aligning HP’s capabilities in environmental sustainability and health care into a focused set of global programs that contributes to HP’s top-line growth, brand and reputation. Chris leads a global team to articulate the HP sustainability strategy with a single voice, implement HP-led initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and manage the development of company-wide environmental goals. With the support of recognized leaders in global health as partners, Chris and his team collaborate to drive transformational programs which strengthen the quality of health systems and accelerate access to health care. Chris’ background includes branding, marketing, general management and environmental experience. Prior to joining HP, Chris worked at S.C. Johnson & Son, where he served as Director, Global Sustainability. There Chris led a team to drive the company’s global sustainability strategy, establish company targets and drive key projects. In addition to S.C. Johnson, he has held senior positions at Diageo Brands and Unilever. Chris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He then earned his Master of Business Administration in International Business at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.