Inspired and guided by feedback from Stanford Social Innovation Review readers and contributors like you, the SSIR website has been newly redesigned. Its bright new interface and great new features are designed to make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to read SSIR’s award-winning content, find and share resources, and connect with other social change leaders.

What’s New?

Home Sweet Home. The new homepage features refreshed navigation bars, a marquee showcasing the latest and greatest SSIR content, and in-line browsing by content type. Just click the forward or back arrows to quickly flip through articles, blog posts, podcasts, or webinars.

More ways to see what your peers are reading. See the most read articles and blog posts (a tabbed sidebar is on every page), and see who is sharing what on Facebook from any article page.

Comment indicators. Instantly see where discussions are happening on the site via the new comment counters next to each article—then join the discussion yourself. Add a photo avatar to your comments by creating one in Gravitar—just click on the link in the comment box at the end of any article.

Blog channels. By popular demand, our daily blog will begin featuring special point-counterpoint discussions (our first argues the merits of philanthrocapitalism), and journal-style, serial posts about developing social entrepreneur and research projects (the latest is an ongoing report on the Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology Project, which is looking at the use of private resources for public good.). Other channels offer content tailored to specific interests, including Practical Advice for organization leaders; analysis of new research data (Research Notes); and Starting Up for students and others new to social innovation (see the menu on the right of blog pages for all channels).

Better information. Above each headline, you will now see text that describes the main topic of the content (impact investing, philanthropy, technology and design, etc.). You can click on this text to see all content in that category. (You can also click any author name to call up their bio.)

Issue pages. Browse articles from the print magazine by issue or by section (see the menu on the right-hand side of the page).

Related stories. Easily find more of what you're looking for via the new in-line related stories browsers at the end of any blog post or article.

Browse books by topic (see menu on right of page). Also, coming soon: excerpts from books that SSIR does not review.

Restricted content. Articles with key icons next to the title—about 80 percent of them—are available only to subscribers. If you don’t yet subscribe, the beginning of the New Year is a good time to do so.


We invite you to browse, read, share, comment, explore, and enjoy the new website. SSIR aims to inform and inspire leaders of social change—you—and we sincerely welcome your feedback, recommendations for further improvements, and general reactions. Feel free to send feedback by email or in the blog comments here. Thank you for being a part of SSIR’s social innovation community.