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Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation are working to define the next generation of sustainable business. By taking the perspective of multiple stakeholders in this 8-part series of expert interviews and open dialogues they hope to spark discussion and innovation in the dynamic field of business and environmental collaboration.

The series is hosted by EDF's Jerry Michalski.

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Shared Value - Future of Green

Featuring Mark Kramer 1

Mark Kramer discusses the challenges of coordinating corporate social responsibility projects with corporations and the success of the cell phone industry in emerging (third world) markets.

Daniel Kreeger on social responsibility and federal responsibility with respect to climate change.

EDF Future of Green Calls

Featuring Daniel Kreeger

Daniel Kreeger, Executive Director of the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO), outlines the relatively new position of Climate Change Officer.

New Sustainable Business Models

Featuring Robin Chase and Adam Lowry

Founders Robin Chase (Zipcar) and Adam Lowry (Method) discuss how they brought new, greener ideas to market with successful return for their businesses.

Sustainability: Can Corporations Really Change?

Leaders in sustainability, like Levi’s and Diversey, maintain a heritage of environmental consciousness in their business operations. In this audio interview, host Neal Gorenflo publisher of Sharable.net is joined by Maurice Bechard, director of Global Environment Health & Safety at Diversey and Michael Kobori, vice president of Levi Strauss & Co., who share their insight on how corporations can adapt to support sustainable outcomes and raise the bar within their industry. These companies are mindful of the true environmental impact of their products, and consider its life cycle — from sustainable raw materials to the end consumer use. The Future of Green open call series is an initiative of EDF in collaboration with the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.