Robert Swan, an inspirational speaker who founded 2041 and the first man to walk to both global poles, addresses his audience about the relationship between passion and reaching goals. With humor and words of experience, he relays his feelings about the importance of positivity and commitment in pursuing a target. Robert Swan discusses his journey, how it influenced him to dedicate himself to saving the environment, and how he plans to do this by engaging a young audience. Through this podcast, Robert encourages readers to get the word out about the awesome things they are doing, because nothing inspires individuals more than passion and a positive mindset. He also inspires readers to chase their goals now, and that the boldness required to do that will inspire genius, power, and magic.

Robert Swan is a polar explorer, environmentalist and the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles. He is an exceptionally gifted communicator and is regarded as one of the world’s top motivational speakers. He compares his icy experiences to boardroom maneuvers and his inspirational addresses have received the acclaim of discerning audiences worldwide. His contribution to education and the environment have been recognized through his appointment as UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, a Visiting Professorship of the School of Environment at Leeds University and in 1994 he became Special Envoy to the Director General of UNESCO. He was awarded the OBE in 1995. In 2003 and 2004, Robert and his company, 2041, delivered the first ever corporate Antarctic Expeditions on teamwork and leadership. Through positive participation and real missions, the unique insights and lessons he has learned, have enabled Robert Swan to educate and stimulate his audiences.