Environmentally sustainable water use practices result in considerable operational efficiencies and are a source of strategic advantage for businesses in water distressed regions. In this audio interview, part of a Stanford Center for Social Innovation series on water around the world, Pepsico’s Dan Bena talks with Stanford MBA student Ashish Jhina about Pepsico’s efforts to reduce its water footprint. He outlines Pepsico’s public commitment to promote more efficient water use and talks about the role of specific, measurable targets in driving the organization to achieve its ambitious goals. In addition to making its production processes more water efficient, Pepsico is working with farmers to modify their agricultural practices to use less water. Dan talks about the progress made on these fronts and the company’s CSR efforts in partnerships with NGOs to provide improved access to clean drinking to millions of people around the world.

Dan Bena is currently the Director of Sustainable Development for PepsiCo, serving as liaison between technical functions, government affairs, public policy, and field operations to develop key strategies and messaging to internal and external stakeholder groups. In 2009, Dan was appointed to the Steering Committee of the United Nations CEO Water Mandate, and also serves on the Mandate’s working groups for Water as a Human Right and Water Policy Engagement.  He was inaugural Chair of the Water Resources Committee of the Washington-based American Beverage Association for Sustainable Development.  Bena also serves on the Board-sponsored Public Health Committee of the Safe Water Network.  He is a contributing member to the Water Core Working Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and serves on the Global Agenda Council for Water Security of the World Economic Forum. In 2009, he was invited by the mayor of his city to serve on a new Sustainability Advisory Board; the city is one of only three nationwide selected to pilot a new sustainability planning tool kit.