Responsible Supply Chains Conference - Podcasts


Co-sponsored by the Global Supply Chain Management Forum and the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Responsible Supply Chain Conference brings together corporate and nonprofit leaders, policymakers, and academics to share best practices for creating sustainable supply chains.

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Leveraging Social Innovation

Featuring Lakshmi Karan, Nina Smith, Steven Rockhold, & Dara O'Rourke 1

Social innovations in supply chains have the potential for making an impact on a large scale. Experts describe innovations that are benefiting society and delivering economic value.

Why Small Does Not Equal Powerless

Featuring Katie Hill

An increased demand for energy means an increased need for environmental sustainability. Where does economic development fit in?

Social Responsibility Versus Slave Labor Tainted Products

Featuring Katrina Benjamin

Katrina Benjamin describes the environmental sustainability problems associated with slavery, and suggests ways that organizations can work to eliminate slavery through cooperative social responsibility.

Nike’s director of global logistics, Dawn Vance on socially responsible companies and sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains

Featuring Dawn Vance

Nike’s director of global logistics, Dawn Vance, talks about the company’s journey to integrate sustainability into the supply chain from design through delivery to the retail marketplace.