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Social Enterprise through Digital Design

Featuring Carl Bass 2

In this audio lecture, Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, discusses at Social Innovation Summit 2013 the application of design to solve social problems.

Social Problem Solving through Innovation

Featuring Chris Librie 3

This podcast, given by Chris Librie - the Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at HP, describes the corporation's commitment to social responsibility.

Social Media on Purpose

Featuring Marcia Stepanek

Marcia Stepanek provides a robust framework for building a social media strategy that fits with the organization's mission

Connection Technology to Save Lives

Featuring Ridwan Djamaluddin

Ridwan Djamaluddin speaks on how Indonesia is using technology to deal with climate threats and implementing early warning systems to save lives.

Mobile Technology for Healthcare

Featuring Eric Dishman

Eric Dishman, director of health innovation at Intel, asserts that mobile technologies can create sustainable healthcare for all.