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Panel Discussion - Biofuels for Environmental Sustainability

Biofuels offer an environmental sustainability substitute against petrol-based fuels such as gasoline, yet they are still expensive to produce and are causing a steep inflation in food prices the world over. This panel discussion of experts debates the root causes of the increase in food prices, and the need to tackle the economic and political side effects of biofuel production.

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Millennials MoveOn

By Lee Bruno

To propel young folks to the polls, a political organization mixed Web 2.0 tools with social science savvy.

Fraser Nelson - Learn to Love Lobbying

Fraser Nelson, a consultant to nonprofits, gives an entertaining lesson on the why and how of nonprofit lobbying. Most nonprofits do not lobby government for a variety of reasons, but Nelson explains that it is legal, effective, and powerful. In this Stanford Social Innovation Review sponsored audio lecture, Nelson concludes with ways to get the most out of your lobbying efforts and five rules to follow.


By Marcia Stepanek

Group-think extends to swarms of social activism.

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The Difference Curve

By Alicia Clegg

Auticon aims to change society’s perception of people on the autism spectrum for the benefit of businesses and employees alike.