Social Issues


De Tocqueville Redux

By Eric Nee

As America undergoes dramatic upheavals, one of the ways to understand these changes and to come up with solutions is to examine them through the lens of civil society.

Revitalizing Community Connection

By Corey Binns

Reimagining the Civic Commons claims it has built the first comprehensive set of metrics that connect the impact of revitalization to things like trust between people, neighbors' perceptions of safety, and a community’s ability to draw together people of different incomes, races, and backgrounds.

A New Local Movement

By Sarah Murray

Benefit Chicago demonstrates how place-based impact investing transforms a community by seeing the investment potential in everyone.

(Illustration by Shonagh Rae)

The Science of What Makes People Care

By Ann Christiano & Annie Neimand

Effective communication is not simply about getting your message out. It requires you to strategically tap into what shapes people’s feelings and values. Here we share five principles pulled from social science that will help you connect your work to what people care most about.

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Civil Society in the Age of Incivility

By Ai-jen Poo 3

Systems are the bedrock of every society, but it is our shared dignity as human beings that truly determines whether a society works. When society becomes uncivil, it is clear that only our shared humanity as a people can save it.