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Leading the Charge

By Jaff Shen & Fan Li

Businesses in East Asia cross boundaries and create alliances to solve complex social problems that the world has never experienced before.

Life Preservers at Sea

By Jeanne Carstensen

Proactiva Open Arms’ greatest threat to its rescue mission may not be the rough Mediterranean seas but European governments fearful of migrants seeking refuge in their countries.

Shifting to a Stakeholder Economy

By Jinglian Wu

As society looks to the business world to solve the most pressing social and environmental issues, corporations are changing the way they are structured to fulfill their duties and new responsibilities.

Seeking Common Ground

By Le Geng, Yulin Li & Yong Wang

Through cross-sector partnerships and identifying ways to meet the needs of the community, China-based Blued is a business success story that also proves to be an asset  for LGBTQ rights, ensuring that members’ voices are both heard and visible.