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The Terrace Keepers

By Liz Carlisle

Farmers in the Cordillera region of the Philippines prosper by selling heirloom rice, with help from a company called Eighth Wonder.

Turning the Page

By Kathy O. Brozek

Four years ago, a Northern California bookstore reinvented itself as a hybrid social enterprise—and its story continues to unfold.

A Plan for Healing

By Amy Yee

After a period of war and genocide, Rwanda launched a national health insurance program that is now delivering sharply improved outcomes.

Making School New

By Suzie Boss

In and around Pittsburgh, a cross-sector network sponsors approaches to education that blend technology and peer-to-peer collaboration.

The “Better” Bet

By Greg Beato 1

Ariadne Labs, founded by Atul Gawande, seeks to improve outcomes by getting health-care organizations to adopt proven interventions.

One Day at a Time

By Brandon Keim 1

An incremental approach to fostering sustainable eating habits is the hallmark of Green Monday, an organization based in Hong Kong.


Leaving People Alone

By Alicia Clegg

Survival International helps tribal societies protect their land—and
their way of life—from encroachment and unwelcome development.

Big Blue Volunteers

By Sarah Murray 2

From Mumbai, India, to Mérida, Mexico, IBM employees are applying
their professional skills to a wide range of social challenges.