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Social innovations that improve the living standards of the poor (more)

Translating Research into Action

By Brandee McHale & Tim Ogden 1

There is no doubt that social change efforts are accelerated by data, but investing in high-quality, cutting-edge research alone isn’t enough to produce solutions. Funders and researchers have to invest more in translating research into action.


Leaving People Alone

By Alicia Clegg

Survival International helps tribal societies protect their land—and
their way of life—from encroachment and unwelcome development.

Big Change on Campus

By Richard Kazis

Six years ago, the City Colleges of Chicago launched its own turnaround effort—a bid for “reinvention”—and now it’s earning high marks for improved performance.

Why Cooperate?

By Rachel Wright

A study of producer organizations in Uganda highlights the role of reciprocity as a motivating force among members.


On the Rise

Review By Jane Wales

A new book reminds pessimists that growing numbers of people around the world are wealthier and healthier than ever before.

Spring 2016