Ricardo Bayon
Partner and Co-founder EKO Asset Management Partners

Conservation financing is difficult because we don’t place financial values on most of nature.

Adam Davis
Partner and Director of Research, Policy, and New Markets Ecosystem Investment Partners

Mitigation bank credits are a proven way to invest in environmental conservation efforts.

Joe Whitworth
President The Freshwater Trust

We need new tools to help speed up and improve the quality of our conservation efforts.

Patrick Coady
Senior Advisor Coady Diemar Partners

There is renewed hope that conservation financing will finally take off.

Susan Phinney Silver
Program-Related Investment (PRI) Program Manager David and Lucile Packard Foundation

It is important to help impact investors understand the scope and opportunity of conservation financing.

John Goldstein
Co-founder and Managing Director Imprint Capital

The government plays an important role in creating an environment that is conducive to conservation financing.