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Magic Bus

By Radhika Nayar 5

Magic Bus is helping change the lives of Indian children living in poverty through a highly-scalable activity-based learning program.

Akshaya Patra

By Brandon Keim 3

Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day.


Q&A With Ram Shriram

By Radhika Nayar

Silicon Valley insider Ram Shriram is focusing a great deal of time, money, and energy on helping innovative NGOs improve K–12 education in India.

Squandering America’s Future

By Susan Ochshorn

Squandering America’s Future offers an irreverent critique of the way we rear and educate children today, with profiles of change makers—ingenious gymnasts who keep their balance on the three-legged stool of research, practice, and policy.