Fall 2005

Volume 3, Number 3

Stanford Social Innovation Review investigates “The Myth of CSR” in the fall 2005 issue.  Corporate social responsibility programs are intended to let a company do good while doing well, but what happens when markets falter? Profit, says author Deborah Donate, always trumps principles. And even without market pressure, what is good for a corporation isn’t always good for society.


Civil Society

Imagining a Democracy

By Mark Macnamara

In Morocco, there are 33,000 NGOs, many of which are engaged in a massive struggle to bring a civil society to life.

Civil Society

The Workings of Class

By Adrie Kusserow

Though rarely discussed in America, the subtle differences between social classes lead to major misunderstandings in the classroom, the workplace, and in many nonprofit settings.

Field Report



By Holly Holland

Project GRAD builds community support for educational reform in the inner city.

Case Study


Sharing Power

By Jonathan B. Levine

How Merck and the WHO have sustained a fragile balance of power in their battle against river blindness.




The Big Hurt

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Sticks and stones can break my bones; rejection hurts everything else.



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