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The Problem with Fair Trade Coffee - Thumbnail

The Problem with Fair Trade Coffee

By Colleen Haight 27

Fair Trade-certified coffee is growing in sales, but strict certification requirements are resulting in uneven economic advantages for coffee growers and lower quality coffee for consumers.

Better Vision for the Poor - Thumbnail

Better Vision for the Poor

By Aneel Karnani, Bernard Garrette, Jordan Kassalow, & Moses Lee 10

Several social enterprises are attempting to provide eyeglasses to the 500 million to 1 billion poor people who need them. Why haven’t any of the organizations succeeded on a large scale?

Market-Minded Development - Thumbnail

Market-Minded Development

By Hima Batavia, Justin Chakma, Hassan Masum, & Peter Singer 5

Acumen Fund uses impact investing to tackle global poverty. It's approach has garnered attention, but does it change aid?

Do No Evil - Thumbnail

Do No Evil

By Suzie Boss 6

Google DotOrg launched in 2004 with bold ambitions and almost $1 billion in seed funding. But the results have been less than stellar.

Fueling Growth - Thumbnail

Fueling Growth

By Sonali Rammohan

Riders for Health has created a novel approach to maintaining health transport vehicles in sub-Saharan Africa.

LEED the Way - Thumbnail

LEED the Way

By Brandon Keim

The LEED green-building certification system is one of the fastest growing nonprofits in America.

Strength Through Flexibility - Thumbnail

Strength Through Flexibility

By Kim Jonker 1

Over the past 17 years, the Forum for African Women Educationalists has delivered high-quality education to millions of girls across 35 African countries.

A Fine Green Niche - Thumbnail

A Fine Green Niche

By Maria Shao

Maria Yee established her eco-friendly, high-end furniture company long before going green was the done thing. Two decades later, her company's environmentally sound practices not only reflect a planet-friendly ethos, but also drive a market-friendly creative edge.

The Profit in Nonprofit - Thumbnail

The Profit in Nonprofit

By Bethany Coates & Garth Saloner 13

Why Kiva chose to be a 501(c)(3), what this tax status buys the organization, and how being a nonprofit poses challenges.

Clear Blood - Thumbnail

Clear Blood

By Moe Abecassis, David Benjamin, & Lorna Tessier 2

By 1998, thousands of people had contracted HIV and hepatitis C from Canada’s tainted blood supply. To restore the supply and the public’s trust, the federal, provincial, and territorial governments of Canada created a new organization, Canadian Blood Services. Despite the public health tragedy that it inherited, Canadian Blood Services rebuilt Canadians’ faith in the nation’s blood supply by infusing transparency into its structure, culture, and operations.