Fall 2018

Volume 16, Number 4

All too often nonprofit organizations think that communications is simply about getting your message out. But to do that effectively you need to understand what shapes people’s feelings and values. And for that you need to understand social science, which is the subject of “The Science of What Makes People Care,” the cover story in the Fall 2018 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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What’s Next


Revitalizing Community Connection

By Corey Binns 1

Reimagining the Civic Commons claims it has built the first comprehensive set of metrics that connect the impact of revitalization to things like trust between people, neighbors' perceptions of safety, and a community’s ability to draw together people of different incomes, races, and backgrounds.

Field Report

Case Study


Funding Feedback

By Katie Smith Milway 3

Fund for Shared Insight is pooling the cash and convictions of 13 philanthropies to build the field of end-user feedback. The collaborative aims to help nonprofits and funders learn from and empower those they seek to help. Can its leaders become role models for the positive change they seek to create?




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